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”One hour of solar radiation is enough to
cover the entire world's energy consumption for a whole year...”

How do solar cells work?

The solar parks we invest in operate in the following way:

  1. The photons from the sunlight strike a solar cell and are absorbed by a semiconducting material such as silicon.
  2. When the photons strike the electrons (negatively charged), they break free of the atoms.
  3. A current of electrons flows through the material, thereby generating electricity. During the process of production, the material becomes semi conductive. This ensures, that the current can only flows in one direction.
  4. When many solar cells are gathered, a current big enough to be utilised, is created. The solar cells generate a direct current (DC), which is converted into an alternative current in AC/DC converters. The current is then forwarded to the supply network, where it can be utilised.

Hvordan virker solceller







The current flows through the silicon because the solar cell consists of two layers of silicon. The first layer is a n-type, which means that the atom has addeds one electron. The second layer is a p-type, which means that the atom is missing one electron. When a n-type and p-type silicon is placed together, it is possible to drag a current, when the silicon is stroked by sunlight or heated. In practise, subjecting one side of the silicon with one type of gas and the other side with another type of gas generates solar cells. In this way, the silicon becomes a semiconductor.

There is a number of different solar cells, but currently the most important technologies are mono-, multi-crystalline and thin-film panels. The last-mentioned is somewhat cheaper to produce, but its lifespan is also shorter.  

The safety is a result of the fact that the projects we select have been thoroughly prepared. Futhermore, our partners are carefully selected amongst the best and most experienced within their field. We believe that solar cells are a part of the solution of Europe's energy and environmental challenges. Therefore, the solar industry will continue to be favoured by legislators and investments in solar energy will become an even more central feature of the investment universe!
All of the solar power plants are characterized by an implied state guarantee on the sale of electricity. The guarantee typically runs for at least 20 years from the commissioning of the solar park. This guarantee is either rooted in a government decree or legislation, and is typically paid by the electricity consumers.
SPI's previous investments have all been characterized by a high rate of return compared to most other investments. At the same time the electricity produced in the projects is sold at a state guaranteed price. This is possible because this type of investment is a niche that is not yet offered through banks and investment funds on a large scale.
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