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”One hour of solar radiation is enough to
cover the entire world's energy consumption for a whole year...”

Previous projects at SPI

By the end of 2013 SPI and its investors had bought 92 solar parks in France and Germany.

Here is a selection of the projects we have completed.

solcellepark Bayern 1 k/s

SPI - Bayern I K/S

solcellepark Bayern 4 k/s

SPI - Bayern IV K/S

solcellepark sachsen 1 k/s

SPI - Sachsen I K/S

solcellepark sachsen 2 k/s

SPI - Sachsen II K/S


SPI - Sachsen III K/S

solcellepark_spi_sydfrankrig_i_ks width=310

SPI - Sydfrankrig I K/S

solcellepark sydfrankrig 2 k/s

SPI - Sydfrankrig II K/S

solcellepark i sydfrankrig

SPI - Sydfrankrig III K/S


SPI - Sydfrankrig IV K/S

SPI - Sydfrankrig V K/S

SPI - Sydfrankrig VI K/S

solcellepark Albacete Spanien width=310

Albacete, Spain

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